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KbdKaz 500 US 1.4

     Category: Desktop Enhancements

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KbdKaz 500 US
KbdKaz 500 keyboard layout lets you easily enter over 600 additional letters and symbols, which are inaccesible in normal keyboard layouts. The idea is to use standard keyboard with US layout labels. Integrates with system keyboard input method. During installation you can choose QWERTY/QWERTZ/AZERTY layout, decimal symbol on numeric keyboard and 102 key assignement. KbdKaz 500 is NOT an additional program, keyboard filter, etc. It is a set of character tables encapsulated in .dll file JUST THE SAME as system keyboard layouts in Windows, so it is a safe method of keyboard remapping. The installer will install appropriate dll file according to your Windows version.
KbdKaz 500 US
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Author: Omega Computer
License: Freeware
File Size: 1.8 MB
Downloads: 55

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